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For the installation of horizontal and vertical wall elements as well as for installing roof elements

Dual circuit system

  • 2 independent vacuum circuits, each vacuum circuit with 2-fold safety and integrated reserve vacuum
  • for construction site use according to DIN EN 13155


  • suitable for horizontal and vertical installation of wall elements as well as the installation of roof elements with a maximum length of approx. 8 m.
  • In connection with a 5 m roof cross beam (DT5) it can be used to install roof elements with a maximum length of approx. 14 m.
  • It is possible to couple two single OKTOPUS® PANEL-Jack KT-B with the help of a roof cross beam (DT6 or DT10) of either 6 m or 10 m in length. In this case roof elements of up to 22 m in length can be installed.


  • e. g. truck-mounted crane, top slewing crane


  • crane mounting horizontal installation: is needed for horizontal wall installation,
  • crane mounting vertical installation: is needed for vertical wall installation


  • chain lashing
  • rope lashing
  • transport palette
  • safety belts


  • set of spare batteries and additional battery box to double operating time

Material to be handled
Using the tried and tested Wirth round and oval suction pads you can transport and install almost every standard sandwich element and many corrugated sheets with the OKTOPUS® PANEL-Jack KT-B. The suction areas of the elements to be lifted must be air-impermeable, have to have an even and clean surface and must not be covered with protective film.

  • Suction pads Max. working load limit depending on the type of suction pad and the inclination (α) of the elements to be installed
    0° ≤ α ≤ 10° 10° < α ≤ 90°
    8 round suction pads (∅ 250 mm) 350 kg 250 kg
    12 round suction pads (∅ 250 mm) 400 kg 400 kg
    8 oval suction pads (100 mm x 320 mm) 200 kg 130 kg
    12 oval suction pads (100 mm x 320 mm) 300 kg 200 kg
    16 oval suction pads (100 mm x 320 mm) 400 kg 260 kg
  • Weight:approx. 130 kg
    Operation:control panel on the device
    Power supply:rechargeable battery, 24 V
    Vacuum generation:vacuum pump
    Suction pads:Wirth standard suction pads
    - round suction pads (ø 250 mm) or
    oval suction pads (100 mm x 320 mm)
    Equipment:- crane mounting horizontal installation
    - crane mounting vertical installation
    - rope lashing (2 ropes, l = 3 m)
    - chain lashing (2 chains, 2 ropes, l = 3 m)
    - transport box
    - transport palette
    - safety belts
    - protective caps for suction pads
    Options:set of spare batteries



  • Crane attachment
  • Fork lift attachment
  • Vertical wall installation
  • Horizontal wall installation
  • Roof installation
  • Overhead installation
  • Rotate 360°
  • Tilt around horizontal axis
  • Turn-over ≥ 180°
  • Tilt around vertical axis (swivel)
  • Side stroke
  • Teleskop. Ausleger/ Kranarm/Hubsäule
  • Control panel at the device / cable remote control
  • Radio remote control
  • Manual operation
  • Battery

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